What does Facebook Insights tell you about your business?

Anyone who administers a Facebook page should be familiar with the statistics provided in the Insights section, but not everyone knows how buy Facebook post likes  correctly and interpret and take advantage of the useful information presented here. The following lines will provide you with more information about what you can learn from Facebook Insights and how this data can be used for a successful marketing campaign on the social network.

The Overview tab
The first section in Insights, Overview, provides general information about your page’s activity over the preceding week. Information you can find here includes the increase or decrease in the number of fans, the reach of your posts and level of engagement.
The Likes tab

In this tab you will find information about the dynamics of the number of likes for different posts. Pay attention to what kind of content enjoys the most popularity among your fans and do your best to continue in this direction.



This tab refers to the number of users that have been exposed to on your published content. This data is extremely important, especially since it also includes the number of users who have chosen to hide a post or report it as spam. It is crucial to closely monitor the dynamics of these reactions and see what kind of content produces a negative impact, so you don’t use it again in the future.


In the tab labeled “Visits” you will find more specific, yet very useful information. For example, the number of visits for each tab on your page will help you create tabs for products or services that create engagement among your fans. These tabs can also be personalized with text and images, so it is always a good idea to try different themes and monitor which of these are appreciated by your fans.